Initial Consultation and Treatment                                                                         $185
Includes a complete examination and acupuncture treatment, along with any necessary adjunct therapies (electro-acupuncture, TDP lamp therapy, Guasha, Cupping, Auricular Acupuncture, Scalp Acupuncture, Herbal and Nutritional therapy consult).  Patients also receive diet and lifestyle and self-care consultation.

Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment                                                                            $75
Includes assessment of patient’s progress and acupuncture treatments, alone with any necessary adjunct therapies. Patients also receive diet, lifestyle and self-care instruction.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and/or Nutritional Consultation                                 $50
Includes a thorough evaluation and Chinese medicine pattern differentiation, and Chinese herbal medicine formula recommendation, and/or nutritional supplement recommendation. Chinese herbal formulas and nutritional supplements are available for purchase.

Tui Na Bodywork Acupressure Upgrade (15 minutes)                                            $15
Supplement your treatment with a Tui Na Chinese Massage

Tui Na Bodywork Acupressure Massage (30 minutes, without acupuncture)     $50

Payment Options
We accept cash, checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, FSA & HSA debit cards. Gift cards are also available.

We accept VA Medical, Veterans Choice, and Network Health for acupuncture. Contact your VA Physician to authorize your treatment and provide you with a referral for acupuncture. We can then bill the VA for your treatment.

In a difficult economy we understand the need for everyone to spend their health dollars wisely, which is why we keep our prices as low as we can. You’ll find that while we may not be the cheapest practice in the area, we are in no means the most expensive, and when you consider the quality of our work, the training and experience of our practitioner, and the convenience and comfort of our office, we hope you’ll agree that our prices are good value for the level of health care we offer.

Your health insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, not our office. There are many plans and each have different specific details of how the pay (or do not pay) for acupuncture. We will bill those insurance plans that pay for our services. While many health plans now offer some coverage, there are details that must be verified for each patient. You may call or email our office and give us your insurance information and we will check to see if they cover our services. You may wish to contact your insurance company first, and if you do, ask if your plan covers acupuncture, performed by a licensed acupuncturist. If they say there is no coverage for acupuncture that means we cannot bill your insurance. If they tell you there is coverage for acupuncture, our office will have to verify this before we can accept you as an insurance patient.

Some insurance plans will pay for acupuncture but only for a limited number of treatments or only for certain medical conditions.  Some will only pay when a medical doctor performs acupuncture (even though medical doctors receive little to no training in acupuncture).  In other words, just because your insurance company says they cover acupuncture, it does not mean they will pay for our services.  Even when we verify the coverage information, there are some instances when an insurance company does not pay us.  For this reason, we need our insurance patients to sign an agreement acknowledging they will pay for services their insurance does not pay for.  In order for our office to verify your coverage we need the following information:

  • The name and phone number of the insurance company.
  • The Patient’s name and date of birth.
  • The name of the insured (if different from the patient).
  • The name of the employer of the insured.
  • Any policy numbers, patient I.D. numbers, etc.
  • The condition the patient is seeking treatment for.

We can also provide you with a receipt that has the correct billing codes one it, if you wish to submit the bills to the insurance company yourself and pay at the time of service.